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Ireland-Spain Game

June 14, 2012

Ireland beat Spain in a Thrilling game!!

Things were a bit one sided though.

The children at Cute ‘n’ Clever Kids played a game and divided the child minding service in two as Ireland beat Spain in a thrilling game that saw thrills and spills.

Although Ireland were narrowly beaten 4-0 by Spain in the 2012 Euro Cup, Ireland managed to beat them in a junior rematch. Cristina (our resident Spaniard) and her Spanish army took the lead and were 2-1 up with only ten minutes to go but an equalising goal and then a winning point from the two Harry’s (yes, Gaelic football rules also applied, to the dismay of the Spaniards!) and it went into the record books that Ireland beat Spain by 2 goals and 1 point to 2 goals!!!

It was amazing how quick all the children n the Spanish side switched to support Ireland in the dying minutes.

Go Ireland…Cheer up Cristina!!

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