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Mini Olympics

August 1, 2012

Ireland Goes for Gold again in the Mini Olympics!

 Cute ‘n’ Clever Kids wins Gold at the Mini Olympics

All the children at Cute ‘n’ Clever Kids were winners today as we held the Mini Olympics. There were a number of events that were held throughout the day including the 10 Metre sprint, the 11 Metre Hurdles, the Long Jump, The Front Crawl (Under ones Only!), The High Jump, The Discus as well as many more.Discus throwing Mini Olympics at Cute'n' Clever Kids, Childcare in Drogheda

Normally we have a summer sports day but because the London Summer Olympics were on this year, we decided to hold our own. I guess in two years time we will have to have a Winter Mini Olympics as well, that should be fun!.

There was a stiff challenge for the 11 Metre hurdles and there was a stewards inquiry when it came to the discus throwing competition as one particular competitor ran with the discus and handed it to Mark who was taking the photos.

After we had a break and ate our lunch, we called our resident physio (me!) onto the field to get the blood flowing and the muscles in working order again and then went back for more in the afternoon.

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